• Make your basement an extension of your home.

    Make your basement an extension of your home.

    Why should a basement be just a dark and dreary storage area where clutter builds up? A basement can be a retreat, a place where family and friends can come and enjoy themselves, like enjoying a home theater’, gaming areas, cool bars and steam showers. Dare to dream it because we can build it.

  • Add style and function to any room.

    Add style and function to any room.

    With our design pedigree we can help turn just about any cluttered space into a showplace that is both beautiful and functional. Don’t just build your space, design your space. Who says you can’t have it all?

  • Add curb-appeal to your home.

    Add curb-appeal to your home.

    Wouldn’t you like to be the house on the block that everyone is talking about? The house that neighbors and friends may want to emulate? Believe it or not just a few architectural changes may make that dream a reality. Team with DalGardno Design Builders and let’s make it happen



Consider the esthetic and structural design of your project as much as you consider the project cost.



Be sure to choose a builder that has the skills and building pedigree to ensure your project is a success.



Tastefully choosing project finishes, paint schemes and accessories is so impact-full and shouldn’t be minimized .



The relationship between a builder and client is so important.  Ultimately you’re teaming together with DDB. 



Since 1989 DALGARDNO DESIGN BUILDERS has been getting the design right, one project at a time. 

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