About DDB

A complete Design-Build Contractor

DalGardno Design Builders has a long-standing history of partnering with clients and their great ideas, then couples those ideas with creativity, years of industry knowledge and Design-Build expertise.  DDB specializes in providing all phases of  construction as well as architectural design for both the residential and commercial client.  Construction and Design are the DNA of a complete Design-Build Contractor.  See article Services page or more info

home-icons-square-designDesign // Consider all facets of your projects design as much you obviously consider your projects budget and cost.  The layout and configuration of your projects architectural components deserve artistic attention as well as functional attention.  The satisfaction you achieve from a well designed  and thought out project can lead to years of enjoyment, not to mention a real sense of  accomplishment.  More »

home-icons-square-buildBuild // When you select a Design Build Contractor that is both an artist and a craftsman, provides both the professional trade relationships and equipment to make your project plan a success, you’re project runs and performs just a little more smoothly.  A builder like DDB brings together their design pedigree with seasoned craftsmanship and enlists professional trade relationships seamlessly every time.    More »

home-icons-square-finishFinish // When it comes down to it choosing all of the finishes, motifs, paint schemes and accessories can be an intimidating process.  DDB has the knowledge, the artistic touch and genuine talent to guide you through all the daunting choices.  Before we ever start your project the finish details are determined and designed as tastefully as possible.  Those final touches after all, are what most people notice the first time they walk into your new space.  More »

home-icons-square-relationshipRelationship // The relationship between a builder and client can be priceless.  You’re entrusting a lot to a Design Build Contractor and knowing your working with a one like DDB who is passionate about design, quality and the project budget has proven again and again to be invaluable.  DDB builds each project personally, providing an open and  sincere conversation along the way.  We approach each project with the same sincerity as it were our own.   More »

home-icons-square-experienceExperience // Since 1989 DalGardno Design Builders has been helping dreams come true. We’ve been there many times before and it’s our experience that the client that’s informed, is a happy and satisfied client. Through the years we have made it job one to understand truly what our clients are trying to accomplish with their project.  We provide continuous and accurate information for their project, their schedule, special site conditions, materials and more.   Get the design right and get the builder right the first time with DDB.  More »

 As seen on TV

DalGardno Design Builders’ work has been, and continues to be featured on HGTV’s ‘New Spaces’ and ‘Cool Tools’, Professional Grade game show, Curb Appeal as well as other shows and industry publications.  With over 25 years in the industry, you would be hard-pressed to find a Design-Build contractor with more experience, creativity, or ability.