home-icons-square-designWhat is Architectural Design? Is it really that important?

Design is a primary part of the world we live in, everything we see, everything we’re drawn to and enjoy as consumers in both work or play.  Design is a vital part of our daily lives and is portrayed in advertisements, product labeling and branding, the environments we live in, shop in and where we seek entertainment.  So why wouldn’t we find tasteful design a valuable component  of a construction project?  Why just slap it up and build it when you could design it for pretty much the same price?

Architectural design includes motifs and patterns, balance and asymmetric concepts, all while recognizing that the physical environment plays off its own components and its ultimate use.  Architectural design is an artful and emotional view of an object or space. Design uses color, texture, monochromic themes, contrasting themes, and architectural features such as structured walls, partitions and ceilings to emphasize a theme or design concept.  It explores form, function, access and definitely the end users use of the space.  In the end the visitor’s overall experience, mood and impression of the space can be dramatically enhanced if the design was given the attention it deserved.

A Lifetime of Pursuing Design-Build Excellence

Among his peers and clients, Glen DalGardno is a well respected licensed and insured Contractor and Architectural Designer.  Since 1989, Glen has specialized in residential and commercial projects, providing Architectural Design Services as well as all phases of construction.  Glen and his work have been, and continue to be, featured on HGTV’s New Spaces, Cool Tools, Professional Grade game show and Curb Appeal, as well as other shows and publications. His faithfulness and passion for design and design excellence is reflected in every project he undertakes.

A Personal Touch

Consider the design of your project as much as you consider the cost.  The satisfaction you achieve from a well designed and thought out project can lead to years of enjoyment, not to mention a real sense of  accomplishment and definitely better resale values.  We pay close attention to identifying and tailoring every owner’s ambition for a project including budget, with tasteful and educated design concepts and selections, including direction in project planning, components and finishes.