home-icons-square-finishThe finishes, final touches and design motifs really do matter!

You can tell when you enter a space where the finishes weren’t thoughtfully coordinated and/or designed correctly.   If things just don’t jive and are a bit eclectic the space can leave the visitor uncomfortable and anxious.  The finishes really do effect the visitors experience, mood and impressions. Choosing all of the finishes, paint schemes and accessories can be an intimidating process but if each finish concept is addressed one at a time with a common motif in mind, the choices end up really being easier.  DDB has the knowledge, the artistic touch and genuine talent to guide you through all the daunting choices. Those final touches after all, are what most people notice when they first walk into a space.

What are some of the design finishes?

A projects finishes are un-packaged during Conceptual Design and Design Development Design phases, and include such things as special wall finishes, wall texture and stone or brick walls and structures.  Finish packages also include hardware selection, fixture and equipment selection, lighting placement, lighting design and fixture selection, paint selection and paint scheme, flooring selection, tile selection, carpet selection, space coordination and layout.  Coordinating all of the finishes tastefully, can really make a project sing.  We would love to help you achieve the look and feel for your project, the way you really intended it to be, but possibly you may just need a little help from DDB to bring it all together.